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​Representative Director Kenta Watanabe

At Wakamatsu Shaji, we perceive trees as living creatures. We take pride in using a single large tree that grows over many years as a timber for shrines and temples.
It is an honor for us to build buildings using trees planted by our predecessors as a traditional occupation that utilizes Japan's precious timber. Trees grown in nature are swayed by the wind, beaten by the rain, and pushed by the snow as they grow. This is the uniqueness of wood, and we call it "habit".
What is important in building a wooden building is to find out its peculiarities and use the right materials in the right places. We read the individuality of the wood, hand-process it by carpenters, and create buildings that take advantage of its peculiarities.
In recent years, the number of buildings that have lost their individuality due to mechanization has increased, but at Wakamatsu Shaji, we value individuality and aim to build buildings that will remain for future generations. For this reason, our group of carpenters possesses the skills to discern the peculiarities of wood, and our mission is to foster shrine carpenters and preserve tradition.
The construction of shrines and temples is a collaborative effort with the owner, and we would like to create the best architecture while walking together from planning to design, construction to completion. Please look forward to the wooden buildings that we put our technology and passion into.

*Recently, there has been a rapid increase in requests for lectures. Please let us know the name of the person in charge, date and time, and contact information. It may take up to a week to receive a reply depending on the situation. Please let us know as soon as possible.

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